Online Learning Management System

Moodle- Online Learning Management System

Online learning has become quite prominent in the wake of recent global development. Learning Management Systems, especially the online learning platforms, have become inevitable for continuation of uninterrupted imparting of higher education. Moodle is an open source online learning platform to provide educators with the technology to provide online learning in personalized environments, that foster interaction, inquiry and collaboration. Main features which makes Moodle an excellent academic tool for students in India are:

Free and user friendly-Moodle is a Cost-effective, open-source platform with user friendly interface, which also provide offline access feature, which allows the remote users to download courses to their devices and later access them offline.

Flexible platform: Moodle can be customized according to the course structure as it is a highly flexible and configurable platform. Students can be enrolled to the respective courses and can access all materials uploaded in the respective course modules by the course faculty. Teachers can set up the course content week wise or topic wise.It supports uploading existing documents and videos, and also share materials and events between courses or learning paths.

Assessment: Moodle provides portals for assignment submission, which can be set up by the respective faculty members. The assignment/written exercises submission portals can be linked to similarity checking software such as Turnitin, which makes assessments transparent and fair, helping in the retention of academic integrity and ethics.

Course calendar: The calendar, accessible to all users in the platform provide the class schedule, course structure and upcoming deadlines.

The platform is effective and efficient with the interface facilities allowing for higher level of student-teacher interaction. Moodle has been ranked one of the best platforms globally and is used by many high-ranking universities as their student portal and online platforms.


Turnitin is an electronic text matching system that compares text in a student assignment against a database of sources, commonly known as plagiarism check, and assist teachers and students acting as an efficient feedback mechanism to help students learn what constitutes plagiarism and to help them to develop their academic writing skills. Although, it is a paid software, it provides a comprehensive and holistic approach in improving the academic integrity. Turnitin compares the submitted work to multiple sources, including internet, published works, databases and other academic assignments uploaded. The main benefits include (i) instant feedback, (ii) objective and fair assessment (iii) improving academic integrity through assessment of originality report and becoming a good academic writer, etc. In the current situation, where the course assessment exercises are completed digitally, Turnitin helps the teachers and students by ensuring a fair, transparent and objective analysis of the assignments submitted.

At Lloyd, the Moodle platform to Turnitin software so that all student submissions are automatically submitted for a Turnitin check. Students can access all the comments and feedbacks provided by the course faculty in this method. The faculty members are also given access to the software and we are in the process of providing the facility to all students to improve their academic and legal writing skills.

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